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Hillside Poultry's Story

We are Drew, Amy, and Remy Jean Locke. Our family runs Hillside Poultry Farm near Corn Hill in Truro, Massachusetts, near the tip of Cape Cod. At one time there were many farms in Truro. Generations of Drew's family—the Perrys—farmed dairy up until the 1930s, when they changed their emphasis to poultry to escape a rigorous milking schedule. After World War II the emphasis for farms was on size and volume, so the family poultry operation grew with the times. It could not grow enough, though, to keep up with the truly huge operations in the Midwest. When Drew began expressing an interest, older relatives urged him to get off the farm.

He wasn't convinced. Drew graduated in 2011 from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst with a degree in sustainable food and farming. He draws his inspiration from a childhood on the farm and the swinging of the pendulum back to investing in local food. We raise pastured poultry on the same land where Drew's grandfather Steve Perry (also a Stockbridge graduate, class of ’59) raised chickens. Since we started Hillside Poultry we've worked to bring the farm back to its historic productivity while renewing our commitment to the health of our community, our land, and our birds.